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Steve 'Commando' Willis
There are millions of fitness professionals, but only one Commando Steve

Known all-over Australia as ‘Commando Steve’, Steve Willis is one of the country’s most recognised and respected fitness experts. He’s been working in the fitness industry since 2005, enriching people’s lives through fitness, mindset and nutrition. 


After growing up in Queensland, he joined the army when he left school and over the next decade served in the Australian Special Forces. In 2004, he left the army to launch a new career as a fitness professional. Five years later, he came fourth in the CrossFit Games in the US. To this day Steve is still the highest placed Aussie male to finish at the games


Steve became a familiar face on Australian television since putting contestants through their paces as a trainer on eight seasons of Channel Ten’s ‘Australia’s Biggest Loser’.  Steve motivated, inspired and pushed contestants to levels of physical and mental fitness they never dreamed possible. 


In 2018 Steve decided to challenge himself by joining Channel Ten’s first-ever series of Australian Survivor - ‘champions v’s contenders’.  With a multitude of skills from his time in the Army and years in the fitness industry, Steve was completely at home with his primitive surroundings and relished the opportunity to live so freely without possessions and the usual creature comforts.  


In recent years Steve has actively pursued a path of self-awareness.  Through a great deal of self-education, listening, learning and practising. Steve openly talks about his relationship with exercise and how it has transformed from a means of dealing with the challenges of life to a better understanding of himself. Leaving behind the ‘hard man of fitness’ character depicted on The Biggest Loser, Steve has removed his ‘body armour’, learned to enjoy life and embraces mindfulness in everything he does. 


Whilst fitness and movement will always remain at the core of everything he does, Steve’s focus is now to utilise everything he has learnt from such a varied and contrasting life to others realise the importance of self-awareness in all aspects. 

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‘Australian Survivor – Champions v Contenders’ Series 3 Network 10 2018, ‘The Biggest Loser’ Series 2-10 Network 10



Get Commando Fit Cookbook 2015 and Get Commando Fit 2015 Hachette Australia, No Excuses 2010 Random House                        



Corporate appearances nationally, The Commando Steve Experience (one off training sessions), Training Camps, Health and Fitness Expos Nationally. Corporate online group and personal training. 



Diploma in Fitness

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