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Laura Vissaritis
Laura believes that once we truly know our dogs, we can solve any behavioural problems, and we can build a friendship unlike any other.

Laura V began her career with animals at the age of 9, helping everyone she knew with their dog and cat problems. Her passion for animal behaviour and happiness has been her become the go-to expert for several media outlets including A Current Affair, The Project, various Morning TV series, and Melbourne's highest-rated radio station 3AW.

Laura has been the weekly expert on 3AW for several years and co-hosts a lifestyle program with Peter Grubby Stubbs, called The Happy Hour. Her speaking circuit continues to grow as corporate groups and schools request insight into the parallels between animal and human behaviour, as well as understanding the value of empathy.

Originally majoring in Archaeology, Laura went on to a Graduate Degree in Education, followed by Psychology and most recently attaining her certificate in Veterinary Behaviour Medicine. Her qualifications along with common sense and warmth have been captured in her books 'Things Your Dog Want You To Know', 'Dognitive Thearpy', and 'The Rescue Dog' published by Penguin Random House.

Laura co-hosts TV series 'The Pet Rescuers' on Channel 9; and will be co-hosting the new primetime series for ABC 'New Leash On Life' with Joel Creasey, to air July 2023.

Laura's dedication, perceptiveness, and positivity are undeniable and her love for animals is palpable. It's because of this that she is sought after by brands that share the same vision, including Ilume premium dog food brand, ZamiPet dog wellness supplement brand, and HIF pet insurance company. She is also the proud ambassador for 'Guide Dogs Victoria'.

Currently based in Melbourne with her dogs Chester, Cashew, and Harry; plus her cat called Mouse, and two goats, Elsa and Everest. She says they all get along...most of the time.

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'New Leash on Life' ABC, 'The Pet Rescuers' Season 2 Channel 9 


Ilume, ZambiPet, HIF (Pet Insurance)


'Things Your Dog Wants You To Know', 'Dognitive Therapy', 'The Rescue Dog' Penguin Random House

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