Lisa Barber
With over 20 years’ experience, Lisa Barber is helping people align their finances to their passions

Lisa is an award winning financial services master, wealth coach, trusted advisor, speaker, author, business woman and entrepreneur with over 20 years of service in the industry.  Her energy and enthusiasm is infectious, making topics that can be confronting and meticulous - engaging, informative and thought provoking.

When Lisa was 13 when her father passed away unexpectedly, leaving her mother to raise four children.  With her father being the main income earner the families financial stability plummeted virtually overnight leaving them in hardship.  

At 15, Lisa reluctantly entered her school work experience in the Financial Sector.  Quickly she realised how the right financial advice can make a drastic change in someone’s life.  This sparked a flame in her and she has been continuing down this path ever since.

Lisa is currently the Director of Hillross – Aspire Wealth Co- founder of Females Inspiring Females Inc, Healthy, Wealthy & Wine, The Fiscally Fit Program and author of ‘A Women’s Guide to Wealth, What My Mother Needed to Know’, released in 2016.

Her passion for helping people is prominent through everything that she does “I love helping people to set themselves up to be financially secure whatever life throws at them and feel blessed to have found my purpose in life” Lisa Barber.

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Money Management – Women in Financial Services – Female Adviser of the Year 2014, Hillross – Promoting Interests of Women in Financial Planning – Winner 2013, Money Management – Women In Financial Services – Adviser of the year finalist 2013, Money Management – Women In Financial Services – Pro Bono Award finalist 2013, AFA – Female Excellence In Advice Award nominee 2013


‘A Women’s Guide to Wealth, What My Mother Needed to Know’



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