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Survivors, Sam Hinton joins One Management

6 September 2018

Samuel Hinton is an award-winning astrophysicist, robotics and software engineer, astronomer, education advocate and cat enthusiast.  He is passionate about sharing his love of all thing’s science and space in his own ‘down to earth’, witty and entertaining style.

Recently he added Australian Survivor ‘champions’ contestant to his impressive resume.  Viewers are captivated by Sam’s eccentric personality and determination, showing that brawn is not all you need to succeed in the Survivor game.

An engaging public speaker with the ability to speak across a host of specialist subjects. Sam has a knack for making the incomprehensible, understanding and relatable to his audience. Years spent spreading his passion for science and space in schools and at events all over Australia and his work that has been presented in over a dozen institutes spanning four continents.

Sam’s is available for speaking, ambassador opportunities, social media campaigns, events & media opportunities. Please get in touch
Melita Hodge – Talent Manager
e: [email protected] 
M: + 61 478 786 570

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