Sally Flower
Sally Flower is a sustainability advocate and master konmari consultant with a mission to help people find a simpler, lighter way of living that sparks joy

Sally Flower is the first Australian trained by Marie Kondo in the famous KonMari Method™. Sally is also a wellness consultant, mindfulness coach and sustainability advocate. Her biggest motivation is climate change. She is passionate about changing the way we purchase, minimising her environmental footprint and helping others to do the same. 


Before starting her business, Sally spent eight years in corporate finance, including a period working on Wall St. It was here in New York City she met Marie Kondo and established a deep passion for mindful and sustainable ways of living. She is completing her Masters of Environment at Melbourne University, and already learning how to support the race against climate change.


Home Sanctuary is built on the solid foundation of her love for the environment and passion for reducing consumerism. Through one-on-one consults, workshops and events Sally helps Australian's to lead meaningful lives in nurturing homes with less. Sally's goal is to change the way we purchase, to motivate and help our community to make purposeful choices that inspire us to live as the best version of ourselves.


Sally has worked with large household names such as Kmart Australia, Mirvac and Hill’s Hoist just to name a few. She’s regularly called on as a voice for sustainable organising for media having appeared on the likes of Sunrise, ABC, 7News and many more.


Sally is an avid yogi with a daily mindfulness practice. She completed her yoga instructor course back in 2012, and recently visited India for the first time deepening her love for daily rituals. 

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Mirvac, Sydney University, Sydney Opera House, One International Towers, Stonnington City Council, Sustainable Living Festival



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