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2 Hungry Guys
Luke and Joe of 2 Hungry Guys showcase some of the best eateries on offer in Australia and now the world.

Luke and Joe, better known to their Instagram audience as @2hungryguys, are Sydney based food, travel, and lifestyle creators. They cover everything from fine dining, casual eats, bar hopping, unique travel destinations and simple street food.

One Greek and one Italian, food has always been an integral part of their lives and something that they are passionate about. Food adventures dominated their personal Instagram accounts, and they were the go-to for their friends on where to get the best meal around town. It was from here, in 2013 that ‘2HungryGuys’ was born. 


Since then, they have taken pride in showcasing some of the best eateries on offer, starting in Sydney and going on to places all around Australia and now the world. 

Whether it’s fine dining, brunch eating, bar food hopping, visiting the latest, trendiest, and most popular hotspots, searching for hidden culinary gems or simply street food eating. They eat it. They love it. They will share it.


Luke leads the duo on countless culinary quests. His enthusiasm for food is nothing short of infectious.

He brings a flair for storytelling to the 2HungryGuys brand with his engaging narratives and witty commentary. 


Joe is the meticulous researcher and logistics expert of the duo. Armed with a notebook, camera, and an uncanny ability to find the best deals, Joe ensures that every food expedition runs smoothly. His keen attention to detail ensures that no culinary stone is left unturned, and no delicious morsel goes undiscovered. 


Together, Luke and Joe are an unbeatable duo, blending talents and personalities to create 2HungryGuys, a platform that celebrates the diverse world of food. With each piece of content, they invite their audience to join them on their foodie escapades, exploring the rich tapestry of flavours that the world has to offer.

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