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A boutique agency with global connectivity. We pride ourselves in working in partnership with our talent to develop strong business and brand strategies for their success.

Founded in 2006 by Director Lisa Sullivan, One Management was the first talent agency in Australia to specialize in developing personality led brands specifically for lifestyle talent.  Almost 10 years on and One Management is a well-established and well respected boutique agency with global connectivity. 

Our team works with some of the most recognized and respected influencers and experts in the Lifestyle arena.  Our experience in ‘brand development’ forms the back bone of our management ideology, whilst our knowledge and experience allows us to work across all platforms of the media industry from Television and publishing to licensing, endorsements and content creation.  

At One Management we pride ourselves on being approachable, friendly, flexible and fair to deal with. The long-term and successful relationships we enjoy with talent, clients and suppliers alike, are testimony to what can be achieved when you are passionate and dedicated in what you do.

Lisa Sullivan

With over 15 years experience in brand development and talent management, Lisa's vision and track record for successful talent is highly regarded.

Founder and Director of One Management Lisa Sullivan has over 15 years of international experience in brand and marketing, specialising in high-profile brand management with roles as diverse as the Sydney Olympics Organising Committee (SOCOG) and working with Jamie Oliver.

After starting her career in PR at 18, Lisa left Sydney in her 20s to travel the world. Settling briefly in London, she returned in 1996 to join the sponsorship brand and advertising department of SOCOG. After a successful four years, Lisa returned to the UK to manage the brand and advertising department of the Manchester 2002 Commonwealth Games.

When those games completed, Lisa found herself in London once again, this time working for Jamie Oliver. Initially responsible for Jamie’s endorsements and product licenses, Lisa chose to move into a new role to help establish and grow Jamie’s own talent management company, Fresh Partners. As a senior manager in the young company, Lisa was responsible for some of the UK’s lifestyle greats and millions of pounds of client revenues each year.

By the time she returned to Sydney to set up One Management in 2006, Lisa had accumulated a wealth of experience in the lifestyle area. She had managed the careers of interior designers, high-profile chefs and nutritionists, and had helped them to build their own successful brands in the hugely competitive UK market. When the company was established, One Management’s exclusive focus on lifestyle personalities made it unique in the Australian market. Lisa and her team offered their clients a personal approach tailored to their particular needs and talents, as well as strategic direction and brand management. It wasn’t long before they had some of Australia’s most-loved household names on their books.

Even as One Management’s client list continues to grow, Lisa and her team pride themselves on providing each of their clients with personal attention and a strategy suited to their unique talents and goals. They have helped to shape the careers of some of Australia’s favourite lifestyle personalities including MasterChef winners Julie Goodwin and Adam Liaw, trainer and coach Commando Steve and publishing and style guru Neale Whitaker.

For Lisa, the best part of her job is working with people who are passionate about what they do and helping them to realise their dreams by building brands that reflect who they are as professionals, and people.

One Management. The Lifestyle Talent Experts.
One Management. The Lifestyle Talent Experts.

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