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Belinda Botzolis
Belinda is not your typical Property Valuer.

Belinda Botzolis is not your typical Property Valuer, she prefers to be out from behind her corporate desk and computer, educating people and sharing her knowledge on all thing’s property.


Belinda is a certified Practicing Valuer of which she has developed a deep and exceptional understanding of the property market and has valued close to $12 billion dollars’ worth of real estate.

As a qualified professional Belinda often sees misinformation in the property space; with a knack for explaining complicated financial and legal terminology to the “everyday man” Belinda aims to share credible, professional, and entertaining information for people to make educated property decisions. 

In a space where interior designers, builders and real estate agents dominate, she wants valuers, who she feels “are the only profession qualified to legally declare what a property is worth” to have a more prominent voice.



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