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Callum Hann
Endearingly known as the MasterChef Australia’s ‘nice guy’, Young Dad and food enthusiast Callum Hann brings an air of freshness and enthusiasm to everything he does

Callum Hann is a renowned Australian chef, television presenter, cookbook author and businessman.  His passion for food and education fuels everything that he does. He is committed to promoting sustainable and ethical food practices, actively supporting local farmers, championing seasonal ingredients, and advocating for reducing food waste. 


In 2010 we met a young and enthusiastic Callum Hann, a university student from South Australia. With his genuine, affable nature and razor-sharp cooking skills, Callum fast became a fan favourite, tipped to take out the title, in the highest ever rating MasterChef series narrowly missing out on the winner’s title he finished as runner up. Callum returned to the MasterChef kitchen twice more, once in the charity fundraising MasterChef All-Stars in 2012, where he took the winning title and won $20,000 for his charity Cancer Council Australia and again in 2020 in Back to Win, coming forth.

Callum has successfully co-founded several businesses in his home state of South Australia. Sprout Cooking School, Sprout Health Studio in 2015, Sprout Training in 2017, and Dietary Hawk in 2018. More recently they have branched out into the hospitality space with venues, Lou’s Place in the Barossa Valley and Eleven Bar and Restaurant and Olive Restaurant, both in the heart of Adelaide. 


In addition to his culinary pursuits, Callum is a celebrated author, having written several cookbooks that showcase his creativity and love for cooking - ‘The Starter Kitchen’ 2012, ‘I’d Eat That!’ 2014 and co-authored ‘Quick. Easy. Health.’ 2016. 


As someone who is hugely passionate about South Australia’s beautiful produce, it was only natural that Callum would take on the board position with Brand South Australia. Brand SA supports local and celebrates all that is great about South Australia by encouraging South Australians to shop local and helping spread the knowledge of what the state has to offer, to those that are beyond their borders. 


Callum lives in Adelaide with his wife Crystal and 2 children in Adelaide Ella and Henry. 

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MasterChef Australia Season 2 2010, All Stars 2012 & Season 12 Back to Win 2020 Channel 10



The Starter Kitchen 2012, I’d Eat That! 2014, Quick. Easy. Healthy 2016 Murdoch Books 



Sprout Cooking School, Lou’s Place, Eleven Bar and Restaurant, Olive Restaurant, Sprout Health Studio, Sprout Training and Dietary Hawk

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