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Food Platter Mum
Food Platter Mum, it says it all. Creating delicious, beautiful easy platters for the whole family. 

Emily Christos, widely known as "Food Platter Mum," is a passionate food artist and mother who creates fun and vibrant food platters. Her visually stunning creations have built a significant online following, with one of her videos hitting over 20 million views!


Food Platter Mum, started in 2020 when she was cutting up some vegetables, and her son said it looked like a face. She arranged them in a face and to her shock he ate the whole thing! The following day he asked for a vegetable face again and that was the moment she realised she could make her fussy eater eat healthy by making it fun!


From there, she started making lunches, dinners and after school playdate platters and soon discovered they were a big hit for not only kids but parents as well. Her stunning food platters are as beautiful as they are delicious. Her platforms are a source of inspiration for countless home cooks and food enthusiasts, eager to replicate her captivating presentations. 


Emily is highly engaged with her community and is dedicated to helping parents find creative ways to encourage healthy eating that the entire family can enjoy.

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