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Jen & Ryan Tate
With over 20 years of experience, Ryan and Jen Tate are two of Australia's most in-demand and respected dog and animal behaviourist’s

With more than 20 years of experience, Ryan and Jen Tate are two of Australia's most in-demand and respected dog and animal behaviourists. Their business Tate Animal Training specialise in many areas from puppy preschool all the way to training for conservation and detection dogs. In March 2021 Jen & Ryan released their first book with Penguin Random House, ‘How to train your dog’.


It is hard to find a species of animal that they haven’t worked with, after enjoying many working years at the famous Taronga Zoo, the couple decided to leave the zoo industry and start their own business in the areas they are truly passionate in.  


Ryan’s experience of animal behaviour is exceptional, he is a leading expert in his field and instructs dog trainers and handlers around Australia. While at Taronga Zoo he trained a variety of species that ranging from marine mammals to birds. He has formal qualifications in Marine Biology, Zookeeping, Dog training, Training and Assessing.


Since 2007 he has been training and handling detection dogs. He owns and handles a variety of specialised conservation dogs trained to find koalas, feral cats, foxes, rabbits, owls, hawk weed, and alligator weed. Ryan works alongside organisations and government bodies, such as the Department of Planning Industry and Environment NSW, Australian Broadcasting Corporation, Roads and Maritime NSW and Department of Agriculture just to name a few. Ryan was one of the key contractors that worked with his dogs, such as Taylor during the 2020 bushfires to detect Koala’s and will work closely with organisations to run post fire reports in the affected areas. 


Jen is a passionate and highly experienced wildlife carer, conservationist, author and dog trainer with qualifications in Zookeeping and Dog training. She worked in the animal care industry since 2004, working for a number of vet clinics and the two largest zoos in Sydney before committing full time to the family business. Her area of expertise within the business is largely focused on puppy raising and development. Jen’s mission to educate the public on making sound choices when it comes to picking breeds and breeders. 



2019/2020 Australian Bushfires, ‘VICELAND’ SBS, ‘Catalyst – Making Dogs Happy’ ABC

'How to train your dog' Penguin House 2021


Western Sydney Parklands Shale Hill dog park opening, Northern Beaches council's Dog Day by the Bay, Woof-Fest

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