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Laura Wells
Laura is a curious human passionate about educating people about the natural world and what we can do to protect it for the future.

Laura Wells is an Environmentalist, Presenter, Science Communicator and one of Australia’s top models, but mostly she is a curious human passionate about educating people on the natural world and what we can do to protect it for the future. 


Her background in Biology and Law and keen interest in all things natural and adventurous has led her across all 7 continents working with conservationists, scientists, and activists to bring real world solutions to an ever-changing climate.


Laura is a skilled presenter and science communicator. She combines her expertise in environmental science with her engaging communication style to educate and inspire audiences. Through public speaking engagements, television appearances, and online content, she effectively communicates complex scientific concepts in an accessible and relatable manner.


In addition to her environmental advocacy work, Laura Wells is well known Internationally for modelling. She has achieved recognition as one of Australia's top models, having worked with prominent fashion brands and appeared in various magazines and campaigns. Despite the fashion industry's reputation for promoting unrealistic body standards, Laura uses her platform to promote body positivity and challenge beauty norms.


​Laura sits on the National board of directors for Surfrider Foundation Australia and is an ambassador, presenter, and content creator for NGOs like Greenpeace, MSC, WWF and the IPCC. She is an advocate for diversity in many fields, from women in STEM and body positivity to sustainability, environmental protections, and media inclusivity.

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“Planet Shapers’ Network 10, ‘Survivor Australia – Brains vs Brawn’ Network 10 2021, ‘Eco-Traveller Hawaii 2019’ Nat Geo, ‘Get Clever’ Series 1 Seven, ‘A Perfect 14’ documentary 2019, 



VAMFF 2019, Vivid, Peppermint Magazine, Fernwood Fitness, Fashion Week, Corona Summer Festival, 1 Million Women energy summit, Marine stewardship council - sustainable seafood day

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