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Mariah Burton
The idea that a space can positively alter the way we feel, act, live, and think fuels Mariah Burton's passion. 

Mariah’s style is focused on a feeling rather than a set aesthetic. Her interiors exude a sense of calm and creativity through the use of natural hues and a carefully curated selection of items. She is passionate about making Interior Design accessible. She lives and breathes design. She always knew she wanted to be a designer from a very young age; The idea that a space can positively alter the way we feel, act, live and think fuel her passion.  

Mariah started her design journey by gaining a diploma in interior decoration and soon realised that she wanted to continue her studies to gain her bachelor’s degree in interior design - specialising in 'Commercial Interior Design’. After graduating, Mariah was given the opportunity to go to New York as a design representative at the 'World Business Forum', where she discussed the social and environmental impacts of modern architecture and interior design.

Mariah is the director and co-founder of Folk Studio, a boutique Sydney-based interior design firm founded in 2018 that focuses on human-centered design. The word Folk means ‘People in General’ and this is exactly what they stand for - providing a wellness brand that focuses on good design, personal wellbeing, and transparency. 

Mariah believes that designers have a huge responsibility to ensure that their processes consider the end-user, environment, and society. The act of ‘giving something new life’ was instilled in her as a child - the notion that things can be reused and reloved.

She is always discussing with her business partner Chris how they can lessen their impact on the environment. When they take on any project and they feel a responsibility to ensure that they are doing their part as a brand to discuss, educate and listen when it comes to any social issue - especially ones they feel particularly connected to.

Mariah has worked for some of Sydney's leading design firms and furniture suppliers and now works on some of Sydney’s leading residential design projects as well as commercial fit-outs. 

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