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Andrew Ucles

The eccentric Andrew Ucles is globally known for his unique passion for catching wildlife barehanded to fuel his curiosity into the behavior of animals and educating people

Andrew Ucles is a passionate, unique and eccentric Australian wildlife adventurer from Wollongong NSW. He has always had an insatiable curiosity for learning about wild animals. From the age of 7, he has been teaching himself how to interact with some of Australia’s and the world’s most dangerous wildlife barehanded – snakes, rabbits, boar, goats, kangaroos, spiders, foxes, deer, crocodiles… you name it.

One of Australia’s bonafide YouTube stars, Andrew has over 570,000 subscribers and views of over 125 million.   With a Bachelor of Environmental Science, he not only understands the idiosyncrasies of animals and nature but also how fragile nature and its ecosystems can be.  Currently studying his Masters in Environmental Science and Animal Management.

Inspired by the likes of Steve Irwin, Donald Schultz, Sir David Attenborough and Bear Grylls, Andrew has travelled throughout the Australian outback, walked Africa’s Zambezi in 30 days and explored the Peruvian Amazon with a local tribe.

In these adventures, the footage captures Andrew striving to understand how to catch animals and bring them to the camera, talking about their behavioural traits, showing and teaching the viewer with each catch.   It is his respect for nature and the animal kingdom that drives his thirst for knowledge and his mission to share it with others.


‘You Have Been Warned’ UK Production for Discovery International 2013. ‘Joko Gegen Klauss’ Endomol Germany 2013 and 2014. ‘Documentary – Forbidden’ Beyond Productions/ Discovery International 2013, ‘Adventure Boy’ Tokyo Broadcast System Television

Andrew has filmed a number of television features around the world, including ‘Forbidden’ a documentary for Discovery International viewed 1.6 billion people; German prime time entertainment show, ‘Joko Gegen Klass’, where he challenges the hosts to catch wild animals in the Australian outback; and UK science program ‘You Have Been Warned” also on Discovery International.

He knows it is what he was put here to do and people around the world are becoming equally enthralled by his barehanded escapades, sense of humour and his beloved Michael Jackson dance moves.

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