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Laura is on a mission to educate people on a healthy lifestyle – physically, mentally, socially and environmentally

Laura Wells is an Environmentalist, presenter, Science communicator and one of Australia’s top plus size models. She holds degrees in both Biology and Law, qualifications in Environmental management systems and currently studying a Diploma of Paramedical Science; Laura’s passion for the environment, love for the ocean and interest in facilitating climate change action has led her to become a positive role model, advocate and ambassador for change.​

Her reach and popularity as an international model, promoting positive body image and shooting for clients worldwide, has allowed her to use her social media platform as a tool to promote healthy lifestyle not just physically and mentally, but socially and environmentally as well.

Laura’s worked on environmental campaigns with The Boomerang Alliance, Greenpeace, 1 Million Women, WWF Australia and the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC), an active and vocal participant of the Cash for Containers campaign in NSW, a climate reality leader in Al Gore’s, Climate Reality Project,  a selected participant in Homeward Bound Project- the largest ever all female expedition to Antarctica (2018) and women in STEMM leadership course and the main subject of a Canadian produced documentary ‘A Perfect 14’. Laura’s extended the voice of environmental campaigns and helped educate those people not normally influenced by such a sphere.


‘Get Clever’ Series 1 Seven, ‘A Perfect 14’ documentary 2019


Vivid, Peppermint Magazine, Fernwood Fitness, Fashion Week, Corona Summer Festival, 1 Million Women energy summit, Marine stewardship council - sustainable seafood day


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She believes in the importance of educating people not only on the issues, but focusing on solutions, to empower individuals to create change. Whether this be in their personal sphere around the relationship with their body and who they are, or the impact their actions have on the environment; fostering behavioural change can facilitate improvements in environmental and human health simultaneously.

“The future is not something that will merely occur, it is something we are creating- let’s create a healthy, sustainable masterpiece for future generations”

Laura Wells.

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